Agility & Flexibility

The MONITZION Solution – SMB’s digital toolbox  to scale

It is a business platform as a service. We provide a top-notch tech stack, applications  and services for born-global service providers.

Who is it for?

The MONITZION® Solution is designed for companies providing digital products and services with ecosystem operations. Agile and flexible capabilities are geared for data-driven monetization and effective automation of end-to-end processes.

Adaptive architecture

Agility builds on enterprise-level architecture which is required in dynamic business environment. Enhanced identity and access management, comprehensive integration of applications and processes, and advanced data management are built into the MONITZION® Platform.

Flexible capabilities

The MONITZION® Solution provides best-fit-for-the-purpose business systems and reporting capabilities. Distinctive and comprehensive capabilities are drawing from best-of-breed cloud-native software and technology.

Best practices

There is a wide range of pre-configured capabilities and processes from sales and service management to finance and reporting in the systems. In addition, the MONITZION® Solution provides a full stack of easily available services for back office operations.

Continuous development

It is our key focus to develop the MONITZION® Solution all the time. We have skills and competence, resources and great partner network to do that. Lack of competence and access to high-end software and technology vendors are usually slowing down SMBs. Best practices in the MONITZION® Solution emerge from great number of solved problems in real life and our engagement to continuous improvement. Make sure that Your business can harness benefits from the latest technology development and effective best practices in order to accomplish the next level.


We work with a great number of partners to provide competitive technology and services to your business needs. However, we make it easy to You and serve our customers as one-stop-shop. We want to be your trusted partner and create sustainable prosperity for all parties with long-standing partnership. We look forward to work with You!