Delight Your Users with Easiness Provided by Virtual Work Desk

The MONITZION Portal is your virtual work desk. It is easy and secure access point to all tools and data of the platform. Resources will be available to end users according to the access rights of their role. This helps admins to enhance governance and control of the company by secure user authentication and role-based access management.

End users will have one single access point to all capabilities and data of the platform. Intuitive user interface is easy to use and forms logical groupings of access points to make working effective. Users can further customize the presentation of their personal work desk. With this user-friendly work desk users have everything at hand:

  • all business applications and dashboards according to their user role
  • data and reports based on the attributes of the user (company, team, location,..)
  • general work tools and reports of the company
  • general resources and knowledge base
  • announcements to all users about exceptions in services, etc. to be informed effectively
  • self-service portal for 24/7 support

When change is constant in your business, the MONITZION Portal is increasing end users’ productivity as well as efficiency in admins’ work. It facilitates onboardings and off-boardings, and makes deployment of available tools and resources easy according to changes in persons’ roles and responsibilities. 

You can also engage your customers and partners with the MONITZION Portal by providing them an opportunity to participate actively in services according to their external role. Transparency usually improves customer satisfaction as well as increasing self-service is improving cost efficiency. 

Make a step change in user experience and enhance the governance at the same time!

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