New data driven digital services require different tools than manufacturing and supply chain business. Very often growth driven targets are set for international scaling, but usually SMEs need to survive with tools that are geared for much less complexity especially in back office. 

Consequently mix of tools is diverse in SMEs and very often tools vary from country to country. There is no integration between different systems, or the integration is minimal, because it is costly and requires competence. System architecture is a result of evolution, not planned and designed for the purpose. 

Weakness of the platform is realized at latest when it is time for scaling or time for exit. Then it is painful, time consuming and costly to ensure quality of data and harmonized operations with enhanced capabilities. Compromises in governance and security can risk everything. Best talents leave if the company is not competitive. 

We are one-stop-shop, development oriented partner to support scaling your business in global markets. If you see opportunities to generate more revenues with enhanced capabilities, to eliminate manual work and revenue leakages, to improve data quality and develop insights from data and improve governance we are engaged to help you. 

Our solution is geared to facilitate scaling of data driven business and ensure monetization. We can support your operations also with comprehensive set of services provided with trusted partners.